NCS/EMG Information

A Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) is a test that examines how well electrical signals travel through nerves. Electromyography (EMG) is a test that looks at muscle activity and/or nerve supply to the muscle.

EMG may be performed after an NCS if further information is required. No injections are administered.

These tests are very well tolerated. Tiny electrical impulses are felt, like ‘static’. On rare occasions, EMG may result in bruising. Please follow the preparation requirements below and on your emailed patient information sheet for both NCS and EMG.


Creams or moisturisers, especially applied to the hands and feet, should not be used on the day of testing. Loose-fitting clothing that can be pulled up to the knee and elbow is preferable. In the case of single fibre EMG, cholinesterase inhibitor medications (e.g. Mestinon or pyridostigmine) should be withheld for at least 4 hours (ideally 12 hours) before testing. Your referring doctor will give you specific instructions regarding whether or not this is suitable.